Film continues to be an adventure. To quote the hermanita:

i am still learning a lot about my cameras. every roll i get developed is a new lesson. the fish eye has been great but i know i can get more out of it. i forgot my holga in salt lake so i will be happy when we are reunited in hawaii. i am by no means a wanna-be-indie-so-i-use-film photographer. its just fun. film is fun. the anticipation in waiting for it to get developed, being meticulous and careful with each shot, learning to accept imperfection, or in some cases, complete failure. for example, when i tried to develop several blank rolls of film. or when i shot an entire roll with the lens cap on. or when an airport security scan fried one. or when i didnt realize focusing the camera is actually pretty important. its a roller coaster. but roller coasters are fun. film is fun.

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