For Halloween I dressed up as my district leader, Elder Riggs. He dressed up as me.. complete with blonde wig. I looked like a Deacon. It was great. We played a little volleyball, roller-skated around the gym.. the usual. My pants are a little high.. heh.

Its cold! I mean... its like 60 degrees. I keep counting my blessings that I'm not in Provo or Boston.

I saw a car completely on fire the other day. And later that night some cops handcuffing a man to a fence. Oh, Sylmar.. How I love thee. The smog is probably the underlying cause of all my health problems. Sometimes it looks like a cool, foggy day at the Cape or something. But then I remember that's dirt in the air. Sick. We live across the street from Sylmar High School so I am kept very up to date on teen fashion. If you can call it that. Love this town.

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tifsong said...

i hope you know that i still really really love you. and admire you so fully!