The little miracles are what make the mission worth it:

"I would be delighted to be baptized!"
-Claudia after being asked in our first lesson if she had ever considered baptism

"Where were you girls a year ago!?!"
-Stephanie, when we contacted her knocking one day

"I just kept feeling something tell me 'Open the door, open the door!' I never open the door!"
-Rafael during our door conversation while knocking an apartment complex

I love the mission, ok.


We're teaching a cool family. The 9 year old daughter and I get along PERFECTLY. We love all the same kinds of icecream. We are obsessed with Japanese stuff. We are sassy.

The elders in my district, my companion and I all discovered recently that we each grew up watching Willy The Sparrow. I have NEVER been able to find anyone else who knows and loves this movie as deeply as I do. Wow. I am home. Also can we give a shout out to: Scamper the Penguin, The Buttercream Gang, The Seventh Brother, and Once Upon a Forest. Anybody? Anybody?

We were in the elevator the other day leaving our apartment. Three men got in. I was holding a big box of Books of Mormon.

One of the guys said: "Hey, uhh.. whatcha selling?"
Me: "Oh, I'm not selling anything.."
Guy: "....Are those Bibles?"
Me: "Nope..."
Long Pause.
Me: "They're Books of Mormon.. Would you like one?"

I proceeded to hand out 3, 1 in Spanish and a couple English. I told them this book comes with a promise, and we all turned to Moroni 10:4-5. Read it. Testified it was true. They're in #312 so we'll be making a house call soon. :)


Halloween Ward Party on Saturday. Primary president asked us to do a game. We set up a table with a whole pile of Books of Mormon and Libros de Mormon. Pens. The game? Write your testimony in a Book of Mormon. Haha.

It started off as I expected. No one wanted to do it. But eventually we got most people to participate. We had some really heartfelt tender testimonies of members both old and young. Some even asked if they could take the book home so they could give it to a friend. So stoked on that. Nothing makes missionaries more happy than members sharing the gospel. Honestly. If I didn't get another letter my entire mission but I saw a dramatic increase in member missionary work, it would be 100% worth it.

Welp. Big gulps eh? .. ttylski

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