January 25

last week on pday my companion and i were walking to the laundry room in our pday street clothes. a branch president and his wife saw us and came over to us. they asked in a slightly concered manner, "do you girls know where youre going?" I looked at him almost offended and said very firmly, "YES WE DO." We are sister missionaries, duh! Claire will appreciate that story hah..

i sat next to this elder with THE WORST onion breath at the devotional. he wouldnt stop talking to me and i thought i was going to die. it was horrific. everyone smells in the mtc. except me of course. i smell great all the time. ha. but everyones feet smell for sure. girls put their shoes out in the hall because they smell so bad. its nasty. i have so many weird dreams. i dreamt that i had a litter of 18 kittens. and by have i dont mean gave birth to.. i just mean that i had them.

we have had so many great devotionals and firesides. the primary president came, elder gong came. i cant say enough good things about those devotionals. i love them. best part of the mtc. one speaker talked about how we all feel like we dont want to be here sometimes. he said we go though a honeymoon stage and a hostile stage, a grin and bear it stage and an endure to the end stage. i am in the hostile stage haha. kidding? maybe. sometimes the mtc and i are not so great of friends. but i am still very happy here.

one night this week my companion asked me, "are you on track (referring to our planning for a lesson)?" "no" i said. she giggles. "that wasnt a joke" i said. she giggles even more. "that wasnt a joke either." sometimes the mtc is rough. ha.

i ALWAYS have the limbo rock song stuck in my head. i have no idea why. its been going on for about 2 months now. coolest song.

we have companionship inventory every week. i like to think of it as a DTR (determine the relationship). my companion and i have NO problems whatsoever. I think i am having a freakishly positive mtc experience. we have 3 ericksons in my zone. all spelled differently. one of them almost accidentally kissed me last night. he was trying to scare me. he came up behind me and said "boo!" but just as he did i turned my head around really fast and we were about 2 cm away. ha. i SCREAMED!

i dreamt that i kissed my teacher. oh man. haha. i cant stop having weird dreams! there are so many elders with femi voices. i DONT GET IT. i really will never understand it.

we have 2 elders leaving for peru tomorrow from our district. they are headed to the mtc there. we will miss them so much. i have THE BEST district ever. we are all crazy and crazy about eachother and crazy about the gospel. hah. we sing "total eclipse of the heart" together. we love eachother. its great. one thing i miss here is male companionship. i really miss having so many good guy friends. we have them here but no hugging. i miss those hugs a lot.

there is a sister in my zone who only wears jodie dresses. she is the best. i got called to be the zone's coordinating sister. its kind of like relief society president except our relief society here is with the whole mtc and the president is the mtc presidents wife. so i am in charge of all the sisters in the zone. we have 12 sisters in our zone which is actually a ton for a zone i think. its about 2/3 elders and 1/3 sisters.

i weigh 128 pounds. normal. happy. i believe the lord has a time warp on showering here. i will be in the shower for what feels like 25 minutes and when i get out its only been 7. its a miracle. an mtc miracle haha. my hair is so long. its weird. how did it get long so fast? maybe because i wear it straight most days. i hope its soooo long by the time i get back...

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David Murray said...

Your hair long is my favorite