January 18 - Week 2

what to say what to say???
our devotional last week was with elder holland and it was a real experience for me. he was of course very strong and direct and i was in tears the whole time. no time to even go into detail on what it was about but what i really took away from it was that whoever we were before this, we have left our nets and we're going to feed sheep. when he calls us he calls us for life, and we are never going back. i loved it.
my companion asked me the other day, "are you a little boy crazy?" yes. yes i am. ugh. i miss boys hahaaaa.
i am the "funny" sister in my district. i love it. cause im really not that funny but im always cracking jokes and its fun ha.

hymns get stuck in my head all the time. its great. i love the mtc.
once we learn a spanish word we only use that word. so every once in a while when an english one comes out of my mouth like "hello" it sounds SO WEIRD.
I have seen so many people here that I know, it reminds me of the real world haha. but doesnt make me sad so thats good.

i wish i was asian. end of story.
we get to watch music and the spoken word every sunday before relief society. i LOVE it. i love music. and the spoken word. ha.
i always get comments on my glasses. always good ones. there is a girl here who wears these HUGE ugly glasses. they make her look like she is about to go saw down a tree or something. i asked her if they were prescription and she said no she just loves them SOOOOOOOOOO much. ew. nice girl though.
its pretty wild the clothes that some sisters wear here. ive seen everything from super conservative homely polygamist looks to a little on the scandalous side with uggs to top it off. so weird. uggs? really??

in a fireside last night the person speaking asked if anyone had gotten dear johned yet. 4 elders stood up. haha... sad..
claire, i wish you were here and were my companion. thatd be the best.
the branch presidents wives come over some nights to visit us. i was wearing just nylons and a shirt when she came and gave me a biiig hug. hah. no pants. coolest hug.
sometimes the sisters in my district will get on a topic of something they reeeally love or really cant stand and usually i dont even make a comment because i am the complete opposite! its crazy how i am soooo different from them and to be honest would probably never be friends with them in "the real world" but here in the mtc none of that matters and they are the greatest girls ever. so happy to have them as mi hermanas.
8 minutes..
to answer your question catherine. am i still normal? i'm same same but different. :) still normal. but loving everything about being away from the world and focusing on feeling the spirit. you can feel it ALL THE TIME. no joke. we always can i guess, its just easier to be distracted when youre not in the mtc... or spirit prison as elizabeth calls it. ha.

i feel good. i feel the spirit. i love my companion. i love my teachers. i love the elders in my district. i love sundays and pday. i love hearing the bell at byu play on the hour every hour. i can even see it from my classroom. we also get to see the most beautiful sunsets every night from our classroom. i love it.
i think about all of you and pray for you all the time. prayer is so great! my companion couldnt roll her R's when she got here but i prayed for her every night and now she can! woooh. hah.. i love the gospel. i love expecting miracles.
just know that i am doing well. i am struggling every day and look forward to getting in bed like nothing else, but its all coming together and i dont have any worries. i loveee you all. i miss you. i still cant hardly believe i am actually here and on a mission. but i guess its real. ha.
thanks for your love and support. and funny stories. and reports of the day. they make me happy even if you think "she doesnt want to hear this stuff..." I DO!! i want to hear anything and everything. little things, dumb things, funny things, spiritual things. everything, i love you!

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TalleyMc said...

Lindsay, how are you blogging? Aren't you mission bound still?