February 1

Alright what have I got to tell you? I did sealings in the temple last week for the first time. It was really cool. We go every tuesday at 9:15 to the temple. It is joyous.

I see SO MANY BOYS all the time that work here that I have been on dates with. It's hilarious.

I've calculated that at any given time I can have anywhere up to 8 layers around my waist. G-top, bottom, nylons, slip, skirt, tanktop, shirt, sweater, coat. etc. oi! It makes using the bathroom pretty inconvenient.

One of my hermanas got a box of 12 huge bags of white cheddar pirates booty. We have been scarfing it down this past week. SO GOOD. Hermanas can wear skirts to the knee now. So in order to rebel, I have bought a long skirt to my ankles and I wear it all the time. Ha.

Here's a little miracle for you. My companion couldnt roll her her R's when we got here. That is no bueno en espanol. So I prayed for her every night that she would be able to and now she can do it just fine! Yahoo!

The more roommates I have over the years the more bodies I am subjected to and the more I realize how happy I am with mine. Just saying. Claire, you have a great body. No worries. :)

If you have ever had a problem with bathroom stagefright maybe you should come on a mission because all that goes away when you are with someone 24/7.

Last night someone burned a poptart in the microwave and it started filling the residence hall with smoke. So the fire alarm went off and we all had to go and sit in the gym til about 11. It was fun! Ha.. we were being wild.

We had another TRC appointment with an investigator and my companion farted mid lesson. I was fully prepared to go on but she started laughing which made me start laughing. It was horrible. We couldnt stop! The investigator was so confused. I apoloigized profusely and said that we were just nervous. Ugh. Ha. So embarassing.

I guess that's really all I have to say for now. I love you loads and loads lon and lon. Thanks for all your letters. I will try to respond to them individually by hand today. I really wish I could repsond to everything everyone says but there is so little free time here. Really, there is no free time. It's nutso. But so great. This is the best thing I have done for myself and for God and for others. It is changing so much about me. Changing my weaknesses into strengths. My spiritual growth blows me away. ha. I still cant even believe I am ON A MISSION. But thats what they tell me so. Its cool. I like it :) I will leave you with this thought from Jeffrey R. Holland. "We spend way too much time acting like we're going to stay here when we're not, we can't, and we won't." This life is temporary! Focus on what is important and dont get too distracted with the things that dont matter AT ALL. Coming unto Christ really means walking away from the world. Seemingly impossible, but totally doable. :)

Love LOVE LOOOOVEEEEEEEEE to you all. I wish you were here. Hugs and kisses. Hermana Lindsay Ann Erickson <3

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