February 8

you know all those home videos of little kids falling asleep while eating in their high chair? heads bobbing. drool occasionally falling from their mouth. well that is what i fear i look like at almost all hours of the day. ok not really all the time. but occasionally, especially in class i have the hardest time staying awake.

we have officially covered every grammar principle that exists. so technically i should be able to speak perfect spanish at this point. ha... not really. but anyway, its amazing how fast we are learning. i taught a 45 minute lesson in spanish the other day and then another one yesterday. spanish is great. im a real latina now. ha.

i have a new passion. and that passion is called: the free bin. there is a give away box in the sisters residence halls and everyday i find some new gem that i wear the next day. i look really great or really horrifying some days. i have a floor length fuschia skirt. i am the envy of all the hermanas.

my companion received a 5 pound jar of jelly bellies from her boyfriend. we are becoming jelly bean conossieurs. well, she is. im not that into candy. i am into FOOD. i am the district mom. i barely take any food for myself anymore at meals, i just end up eating off of everyone elses plates. i really just want 1 or 2 bites of everything. so why get my own meal that i am going to waste when i can just mooch off of everyone else? exactly.

in fast and testimony meeting on sunday one of the new elders said en espanol "se que jesucristo suffrio por todos las pescados en el mundo." he meant to say i know that jesus christ suffered for all the sins in the world. but what he actually said was "i know that jesus christ suffered for all the fish in the world." I was trying sooooooo hard not to laugh. it was terrible. i couldnt stop thinking about it and laughing. we have a laughing problem in our district. its a miracle if we can get through a nightly prayer without all busting up.

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