Well hello there my children. I'm gonna fast forward to the present and give a brief description of transfer 1 in the mish.

I'm serving in Palmdale, CA.. the desert. It's about an hour north of LA. We got to go to the temple there twice which is pretty rad. I'm only allowed to go twice in a year though soooo... looks like I've used mine up. Heh..

Transfer 1 was trunky. My comp was a hot latina surfer chick from Guatemala - Mariana Lissett Rodriguez. We got along reeeeeally well. Too well... and it was her last transfer so it was a little difficult. But we are truly best of friends. She's probably tagged me in some facebook pics by now. Companions have been one of the coolest things so far about the mission. I didn't know I was going to meet so many cool people, hopefully life-long friends. I have a trip to Guatemala in the works as we speak ;)

My new companion for transfer 2 was Clarissa Darger Thomas from St.Louis. Aaaaand - to our great surprise we found out that we are 3rd cousins. Obviously, because we are perfect for eachother. Sometimes she drives me absolutely insane, but we're family so I'm ok with it. We work really well together. We work HARD. We talk to EVERYONE. And teach our butts off. But we play equally hard. I didn't expect the mission to be as fun as it has been. I had my birthday last week. It was a blast. Suprise breakfast and cake that night. Fire breathing with powdered sugar. Elders losing their minds. Weird right? My life is so weird. So weird and so cool.

We used to live in this huge house called the princess house. It belonged to a member who passed away but in my first transfer the family decided to finally sell it. So I had the pleasure of cleaning out 10 years of sister missionary JUNK. I found so much cool stuff. Ha. We moved into a cute little apartment. I say cute because I made it cute. You'd like it. I promise. The couches are garbage but we manage.

We are having a baptism next week. My first!

So... my companion and I have a puppy.... that is going to be my post for next week hopefully. Complete with pictures. Oh! And I got a holga for my birthday from my amazing former companion Hna Rodriguez. She is so great. And a member in our stake got me some expired 120 film. Expect good things soon, ok?

Ok. I love you all so much, whoever is reading this and cares. No worries if you don't. Leave a comment, or email me, ya? Or talvez write a letter if you want a real one back ;)

38314 Wildflower Ct. #504
Palmdale, CA 93551

Love your faces and your guts.
Love, Linds


Camille said...

can'tcan'tcan't wait for piiicturress

Hannabeth said...

I care a whole whole bunch! I love reading your updates. They make me so happy.

Hannabeth said...
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tifsong said...

i love you.