WOW. I am so happy to be a missionary it blows my mind. I didn't know what happiness was before. But I realize that the mission isn't la neta del planeta. It really is the best 2 years. Or 18 months. But it's not going to be the best 2 years of my life when I'm all done with this existence. There are bigger and better things to come and I'm stoked on those things. But for now. I'm here. And I couldn't be more pleased.

Before my mission sometimes I got angry. If you think you've seen me angry you haven't. Unless you are Jimmy Barrett or Dave Smith. They know what angry Lindsay looks and, more importantly, sounds like. Yeup. It's been cool to work on biting my tongue as a missionary and not tweeeaking out on people when I desperately want to. The closest I've come has been the occasional, "JUST DON'T TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW."

I always heard people say that the mission prepares you for marriage. But I kind of just thought they were referring to Elders who had never lived on their own before. But as my past 2 boyfriends know, I haven't been the greatest at relationships. Sorry. And companions are a lot like boyfriends, or well... girlfriends. Spouses. It can be rough to get along. And I've been with my current companion now for 6 months. That's longer than some marriages I've known of. So for the record, I've gotten a lot better at relationships. Apply those principles to a relationship with someone I actually want to be in a relationship with..... and I think I'm golden.

My dog died. Just thought I'd throw that in there. Not gonna go into details for fear of crying (not yet sure if that was a joke or not..) But my mom says he's now running free in the woods of eternity. A nice thought.

I recently got an email from BYU telling me they have reached a decision on my application to BYU. Which is interesting considering I've been attending since 2006... Did I get kicked out and not know it?

Also, apparently my 5 year high school reunion was in November but NO ONE TOLD ME. I mean, not that I could have gone anyway... but an invitation would have been nice. I GRADUATED TOO YOU KNOW.

On a spiritual note, I love the gospel more and more every day. It has always been at the very core of who I am but I've definitely malnourished my testimony over some of the past years of my life. The mission has been amazing, rehab for the soul. The ultimate detox. Getting the junk out of my system and focusing only on the things that matter most.

I love being a missionary. I love seeing people light up as they discover that God loves them and has a plan for them. I love spanish. I love mexican food. I love life. I love everyone I meet and I'm stoked on a life of missionary work that I have ahead of me. And eternity really.

Thanks to my friends and family for being supportive. It's hard to do this. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely hanging in there. So your love means everything to me.


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David Harrison Smith said...

Amen. You rock Lindsay. Keep up the soul detox! Love and Love to you.