**Me and my favorite old deaf and blind man:
"My nametag is in spanish"
"I don't think so."
"Yes it is! look at it!"
(gets his magnifying glass out and pulls my tag really close to his face) "What's it say?"
"La iglesia de jesucristo..."
"'You ain't standing on my front porch' is what that sounds like to me!"

**Same old blind deaf man perplexed about caller id:
"You know what I don't like? When people call you and it says 'no name.' I ain't never met nobody with no name! So I answer and say "I ain't never met anybody with no name!' and hang up. That's so stupid! Don't you think that's stupid? Their name is no name!"

**Our wonderful recent convert on what he wants to know now:
"I just want to know the stucture of the church, you know? Like the ranks of the priesthood and how you get the Priesthood and how you know it's fast sunday and stuff like that...well...I'll just get to the meat and potatoes of it...I want to know how to go to the temple!"

**Our mission leader and his wife regaling us with their tales of their old jail days:
"I thought she looked really cute in an orange jumpsuit!"
"You didn't even see me!"
"naw...but I saw your eyebrows- they looked so good! Like you got 'em done somewhere!"
"yeah, in my cell there were these mexicans who did my eyebrows with bedsheet strings. It was great. You know what else is great about jail? You  can sleep ALL day and nobody wakes you up! It's great...but the beds are made out of concrete, so I guess it's not THAT great..."

Just some quotable quotes from Hermana Eryn Sinclair. Thank you very much m'dear. 

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Camille said...


"how do you know it's fast sunday?"
"no name"
& that whole last one