Can't believe its almost Halloween. Last Halloween I had my mission call, was in a haunted house, threw a massive dance party, got it shut down by the cops, had a panic attack at Emily Labonte's house.. bleh. That honestly feels like it was 4 months ago max. Caaahraazy.

We're teaching a homeless alcoholic man named Antonio. He lives in an alley behind a meat market. We got him to church on Sunday. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles. He has a baptismal date of November 27th. Wish us luck.

I've been thinking a lot about the man I'd like to marry someday. Chiropractor, makes all my decisions whilst ordering fast food. So far those are the only requirements.. joke.

Sunday morning about 30 minutes before Sacrament meeting I get a phone call from the 1st counselor in our ward. He wanted to me to speak for 20 minutes. I thought he was joking. I wasn't even home. We were out tracking down Antonio and finding him a ride to the church. So with close to zero preparation I gave a 20 minute talk in Sacrament meeting.. in Spanish. I only used Spanglish twice, i didn't know the word for shelf and when i tried to translate the saying "If you want to talk to God, pray. If you want God to talk to you, read the scriptures" I got a bit confused and just had to say it in English. The thing is, everyone understands English... they just don't speak it. So no worries.

Then in Relief Society someone had brought a bag of clothes to give away. They were advertised as being for a "10 year old boy." My ears perked up. So yeah. I have a new pair of jeans and a couple tshirts. Noice.

Sometimes as missionaries we almost hope no one shows up to church... because sometimes church is CRAZY. We had 4 investigators at church on sunday. It was good... because I spoke. I was followed by someone who just destroyed any sort of Spirit I may have brought. Aye aye aye. You wouldve thought we were at some sort of evangelical or jehovahs witness church. They are so obsessed with dooms day and the end of the world. Jehovahs witnesses use scare tactics to intrigue people. They are such conspiracy theorists. Anyway.. it was like that. But thats ok, because the church is true and somehow it's all gonna work out. I'm trying to manage my anxiety so sometimes I just gotta let things slide and not freak out too much.

Lifes good. Lifes great. Hugs and kisses.
Peace out Girl Scout.


Natalie Caroline said...

I hope your mission is going great..my friend is Mormon and always talks about how he can't wait to go on his mission.

Mariana said...

Man that song is sick! And yes you would listen this song on repeat!:) Check this one out if you can St. Vincent-Cruel.
Te quiero 1000les!