The little things that make up my life...

The phone.
The planner.
Current color.
AK's ipod.
My qualifications.
Stuff I keep in my wallet.
Cards of true value.
Places I no longer shop.
My face.
Fav snack.
The tag.
The drugs.
The jewels.
Earrings of choice.
Promise ring. Emma's waiting for me.

This week.. hmmm. Homesickness. Anxiety. The like. Gained 10 pounds last transfer.. (thats a 6 week period for those who don't know...) but in all the right places if ya feel meh. Went to a leadership training. Sneaking suspicion that I'm gonna train next transfer. Yikes! The Hollywood sign is officially off limits. Darnitall. The people of Sylmar, San Fernando, and Pacoima California are very much ready for Halloween. I have never seen so many people get so into any one holiday before. Wow. Received a lovely package from my mother and another from the former Elder Cody Ryan. Thx frensies. Jewdabest.


Emma Erickson said...

this is rad. did you just take these with your digital camera? where? i like errething. why is the hollywood sign off limits?

amber said...

i love you.

Mariana said...

Are you recycling pop tabs now?! Haha cant belive you have one

Clark said...

cool things. I enjoy your posts. I knew Sister Blackburn in Jerusalem. Are you still companions?