Welp. I feel so lame starting this out saying something to the effect of "Well, its been a good week.." But it has ok. We went bowling. We went hiking. We went to a Baptist gospel Jubilee where my companion and I were the only 2 white people. Well, being the only white people isn't so rare.. but usually we're surrounded by latinos.. not black people.

I am learning a lot about myself on the mission. For example, I hate acapella groups.

There are so many indie kids in my zone now. It's out of control. Ha.

I met a turtle named Porkchop and a hamster named Waffles. I also made waffles. And homemade mac n cheese. And tuna melts. And eggplant parm. And bacon and eggs. And such.

We have another baptism coming up! It's the mother of the girl, Amanda, who just got baptized. Cool. It's pretty crazy seeing people actually be converted. She and I were in her kitchen getting water for everyone and she said to me really nervously, "I did what you asked me to. I prayed about the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. And I got an answer. And I ... I want to be baptized." Out of this world. Awesome. I love my life.

One sad thing did happen this week. A recent convert named Juan Arellano passed away. He was just shy of one year in the church and was about to go through the temple. He has always been so sweet to us. He bought me a pair of shoes one time... Man. Crazy but good. A really good man.

The Baptist gospel Jubilee was definitely a highlight of this week. So much gospel music. Singing and dancing and praise dancing! Cool right? Very. I wish I could go more often. I think I'm going to make it a regular thing once I'm off the mish and can spend my time more freely.

Pueeeth. Life is great. I'm reading the Te of Piglet. I'm sunburned a little. A good thing. Picking up some holga pics today. Cheee.

Hope all is well with everyone elsewhere. Love your faces off. Mwah.

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David Murray said...

The story about the mother in the kitchen is really powerful. The things we can show people. Crazy.