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I am feeling so happy and chipper today. I think it's because its a new week and the last one was pretty exhausting. We did go hiking which was a lot of fun but still exhausting. I spoke at the funeral of Hermano Juan Carlos Arellano. He joined the church in our branch almost a year ago. He was just about to go to the temple. So I spoke in Spanglish and talked about how nice he has always been to me. He made me lunch and bought me a pair of shoes. He always made these brujitas or little witches that we have hanging in our car. Such a great guy all around. But yeah, exhausting day. I was at the church from 8 to 3 setting up for the funeral, the wake, speaking in the funeral, going to the cemetery (pet cemetery?), back to the church for a huge lunch. Oh I should mention that this was a latino funeral of course and he was the only member of the church in his family so EVERYONE was wearing all black. I was wearing NO black. Not one item. Which is odd because its my favorite color... butttt. We just don't wear black at mormon funerals. Apparently you do if it's a latino funeral thought because all the members were. So I hope no one thought I was being disrespectful. I kept saying in my talk "this is not a sad day!! this is not a sad day!" Glad the whole thing's over.

So I finished The Te of Piglet. It's a great book. I learned a lot about being yourself and not wanting to be different than what you are. You are YOU for a reason. Especially in missionary work. It's important to know that you have been called somewhere for a reason. YOU, with your own unique personality and interests and qualities and life experiences. So if you try to act like anyone else except your own true self -- you are impeding the work the Lord would have done. Cool right? I am always myself. Everyone thinks I'm nuts. But I know in my heart that there are people I am teaching that I was meant to teach. And yes, maybe if I never came along to teach them someone else would... but maybe not. And maybe they wouldnt say things quite like I do in a way that touches people and helps them understand the gospel. Its rad. I love my mission so much.

I havent been wearing makeup lately. No need. Its HOT and it just seems to melt off anyway. And I'm tan enough ha.. So yeah. I've been rubbing my eyes a lot in my prayers and it reminds me of my Dad. He's always rubbing his eyes during our family prayers. Miss you dad. Love you.

On Saturday our branch had a big breakfast for fathers day. All the men were given Old Spice body wash. So of course, the next day in Sacrament meeting EVERYONE smelled like Old Spice. Ha. So good. I love latinos.

Welp. Ima try to post some pics now. Wish me luck. Love you all! Ciao-ito.

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