When I woke up around 7 I knew that as soon as I sat up I was going to immediately start puking. I had to plan accordingly. I decided the little trash can was my best bet. I did not however foresee the problem that Sebastian would be. Dogs are really disgusting. I used to have a dog who would sneak away if he could to a stable or something and roll in horse shi... manure. There was also this one time when I was in Peru for the summer. I threw up on the ground somewhere in some dusty little town and stray dogs came and ate it. Nasty. So yeah, Sebastian was not the most accommodating puke partner this morning. He was more interested in getting a taste than keeping my hair out of my face and rubbing my back to help me feel better. So now we can add that to the list of disgusting things he does, along with eating cat poop. Animals. Ew.

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