In my experience Christmas music is something people are very passionately opinionated about. There are no fence sitters on this topic. With only one exception, I personally dislike hearing all Christmas music played outside the actual week of Christmas. Claire LOVES all things Christmas and has already begun her listening sprees which, luckily, have so far been confined to the bathroom while she is in the tub. But guess what people, it's only November first. I am in for a long 2 months.

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samsam said...

LINDSAY! I am totally blog stalking you! This is because I saw you commented on my blog so I started reading yours!

I will only listen to xmas music in these conditions...
1. night time
2. one-two weeks before xmas (never in november!)
3. when there is snow outside
4. never in the car
5. if in the car, it has to be dark outside