Ok chickadees, can we please talk about a few girl things that I really haven't been able to wrap my mind around?

First is girls obsessing over fake mustaches. Not real mustaches on real men, because that would actually be describing me. See some examples of what I really mean here. I can't understand this at all. I've tried. It's horrible.

Second is girls acting "gangsta"when they are clearly not. For example, a cute little white girl I do not know recently made this comment on my brother's facebook wall: "What a bunch of hoes!!!! I'll b-slap em!! LOL The ladies betta be treatin ya right :) Or I'll bust a cap!" If my brother dates this girl I will disown him. I should also join this facebook group.

Girls in rainboots, as I have gone over before.

And hopefully this trend is out because I won't be able to handle it this winter.

Can anyone explain these things to me? I would greatly appreciate it because I clearly just don't understand these parts of the essential girl in america experience.


alison said...

i'm the creep from your ward that stalks this blog. i'm outing myself on the internet now. but i just had to voice my support of everything in this post. chapeau

tifsong said...

oh dear. this is a good thing.
all of these things are to be brought up. they needed to be.

especially those damned sweater headband hat things. what the eff?

i do admit i'll wear a mustache.
but only on may 5th.

it's cinco de mustache that day. you know?

Regan Johnson said...

I've always hated seeing girls in rain boots. Also, once I was kinda dating this girl and then I saw a picture of her on facebook with a fake GOATEE and I couldn't handle it. It just looked so real that every time I saw her I could think of nothing else. I wish I could attach that image.

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

amen sista. that is all. amen.