This is the story of the time I passed out and almost killed myself:
"Hmm.. whats this? A disturbing video on facebook? Let me watch it."
"I don't feel so good.. Maybe that wasn't such a great idea. Man I feel awful. I can't see anything... I think I'm gonna pass out.."
"Better just lay down on the floor until my vision is restored.."
"Oh man, I think I'm gonna puke."
"Hey guys listen to me. I just watched this video and it made me blind and sick and now I'm like a thousand degrees.. I'm just gonna go outside and get some air ok?"
"I feel better already.."
"Ughh please just make it go away.."
(At the time I wasn't smiling.. I was unconscious and injured, injured bad)
"Where am I? How did I get out here?"
"Failed suicide attempt number 3.. Can't wait to tell Claire!"
"Ok it's not that funny.. stop laughing..."
"Hey seriously.. stop it.. "


Camille said...


Lindsay said...

its not funny camille. i feel like i got hit by a bus. i could have died!

marisalisa said...

what video was it?

Lindsay said...

this is the video that someone had posted on facebook. i doubt it will affect anyone else the way it did me.. but who knows. some people faint when they see blood, i guess i pass out when i watch disturbing things? ive seen stuff like this before but ive never had it make me sick. so .. youve been warned.


Kaitlin said...

hey i had this same dream of you falling down the stairs. i guess i should have warned you it was coming.