So far the most common reaction I've gotten to the whole passing-out-and-falling-down-the-stairs thing is confusion. So in attempts to clarify, yes, it really happened. I watched something online that made me sick to my stomach. I went outside to get some air. The next thing I remember is waking up at the bottom of the stairs soooo confused at what was going on. My back is scraped up and my neck, shoulders, and back are pretty sore. I'm really lucky I didn't break anything or hit my head. The whole thing was just so bizarre that we had to have some form of documentation. Claire wanted to make a movie but we settled for a storyboard with pictures. No exaggeration necessary. The only part I left out was when the girls that live next door came out saying, "Did you just pass out?? Are you ok?? We heard you fall and saw your legs in the air but we thought maybe you were just doing some sort of chiropractic stretches or something.. So are you ok??" Yeah, I'm ok.

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Sir Richard Wentworth said...

Sounds like you got up too fast. Glad you're alive, just the same!