TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT, some goods as of late:

(314): why was he too nerdy?
(919): he was a tetris block for halloween

(630): you got in your car and made the sounds of a NASCAR, then called me on your phone and I was your pit crew. then you apparently you won the race, and THAT'S when you tried to backflip off the top of your car.

(215): You thought cars couldnt see you if you stuck your head in the mail box

(720): turns out Discover card thinks that if you spend $450 at four different liquor stores in one evening that the card "must have been stolen"

(206): got in a fight at the bar because some dude thought i was being sarcastic when i told him "sweet mustache". it really was a sweet mustache

(203): just met our mailman at a party, he asked me out. i said yes, but only if he picks me up in the mail truck. how jealous are you

(858): we sat in the hammock and pretended we were skydiving for three hours. jack actually started crying when i convinced him his chute didnt open.

(773): our cab driver is having phone sex.

(506): i think i would be more confident if i were chinese.

(301): I wish Pampers made couches for people like us.

(717):Sometimes, when I pour the powdered creamer in my coffee I like to pretend it's Colombian grade cocaine.
(1-717):That's the kind of morning coffee a girl could welcome the day with.

(706): Then we started crawling around on the floor because we couldn't get up so decided to be tigers instead. Gotta love power hour.

(904): We should steal a little kid and go to Chucke Cheese


Annie P said...

(804): Annie, do you ever walk around the house naked when your home alone.

this is from ethan precourt sent to ME hahahah

Lindsay said...

hahah that is amazing

Anonymous said...

bl0gs from last night

Anonymous said...

nice blog! lets blog later!

bloggodoccio said...

yeah! blog conference! blogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogblogeverdayyeah!