All sorts of news:

John's '93 Toyota Tercel was totaled in a recent rear-ending accident on the freeway.. So yesterday we finally purchased the replacement - a dark blue 2007 Nissan Versa with only 45k miles :)

I've been released as Sunday School teacher and together we have been called to teach Early Morning Seminary at the Institute. We start Monday - 6 AM!

My parents have been called to preside over the Zambia, Lusaka LDS Mission. (That is in Africa for anyone unfamiliar!) They leave in June and will be gone for 3 years! We hope to make a trip out there sometime within the next 2.

And finally, I've been working at Fossil for 3 months now and I just got a new job as an After-School Program Leader at an Elementary School. Now if only my Livescan results will come back I can start!


Camille said...

WOW!! Awesome news!!! You two will be fabulous teachers, and CONGRATS to your parents!!!!!!

[AnnieR] said...

All great things. Great, great, great.

kassidi bridge said...

You guys will be the best seminary teachers ever! How exciting!

Kristie said...

Such good things happening! Also that is so awesome about your parents! I'm so excited for them!