Ok. So I'm gonna try to eat and cook with more vegetables. I love them and I know lots of ways to cook them so I don't really know what the issue has been.

I've loved cooking for John since we've been married, a whopping 3 months. Seriously is that all? It feels like it's been so much longer. I'm finally using our crockpot today for the first time. I know how much I love cooking with a crockpot but it's been in a box behind pots and pans and you know - I can be lazy.

So for dinner we are having coconut pineapple curry w/ green beans and a chocolate mousse made from avocados! Yummm.

Last night was salmon w/ asparagus and mashed potatoes. Caramel apple and banana bread for dessert. We don't really do formal dessert ever, but we had guests last night and again tonight so... why not?

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