You know, after much resistance I Pinterest now. Really just for ideas of what to make for dinner. I wanted to stay out of crap like that after coming home from THE MISSION. I wanted to avoid returning to my internet junkie ways. And I really have been successful, I would say.  I don't scour the internet looking at fashion and music blogs anymore. I don't spend hours on facebook comparing myself to other girls. But if I ever do (even for 10 minutes!) it's amazing to me how quickly I can become materialistic and covetous. It grosses me out. I don't want to want a million things I don't have and really, don't need, even if they are DIY. But it's crazy how attractive possessions can be. Its like a disease and I don't really know what the antidote is. Happiness and a strong feeling of self worth have been effective. Being married to John who thinks I am most beautiful without makeup or jewelry helps.

I like nice things. I like shopping. I like painting my nails and looking cute, of course. And I LOVE the apartment that John and I have been setting up together. I just don't want those things to ever become some sort of priority for me. They are absolutely completely unimportant in comparison to my family, marriage, education, faith, etc. And I don't want to tromp around acting, thinking or feeling like they are.

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Will said...

Hope you still read we all want someone every once and a while :-p