There is a recent development in my life that I think deserves some attention on this blog. And that is my newfound love for Christian Rock music. I know!

My first experience with Christian rock was back in middle school with Switchfoot. Everybody liked them right? But not necessarily because they sang about Jesus. Mostly just because they were on the Walk To Remember soundtrack. And because of that song Stars. Am I right?

Then in high school there was early Sufjan Stevens. I can still remember his tagline on Myspace: "That's Soof-yawn to you!" It's not there anymore, I just checked. Followed by a brief stint with Christian-overtoned band Relient K, who went on to become Owl City (still singing about Jesus)... and which Claire really liked..

The biggest thanks to my new love has to go to my mission and all the companions or other missionaries that passed random Christian mixes along to me. They were AWESOME on the mission. A true breath of fresh air from Mo-Tab and alllll those EFY cd's with the saaaaame singers whose voices drive you crazy.

I thought after my mission my Christian rock listening days had come to an end... until... I moved back out to California to be with John.. and I discovered 95.5 fm The Fish! This is the best Christian rock radio station known to mankind. With hits like "He Reigns!" and "Light Up The Sky." It provides endless uplift not to mention that Delilah is on in the evenings. Sometimes her voice makes me gag.. but she's just so sweet. I can't help but like her.

I used to be really snobby about music. Take for instance the fact that in middle school I was inwardly criticizing people who pronounced the J in Sufjan... because I knew better and because the internet told me I was right.. oh boy. 

I missed "my music" like crazy on my mission.. but since coming home it has been the strangest phenomenon that I have little to no desire to spend my time pursuing it (I think it helps having a husband who takes care of that for me now). I'm content. I'm not too picky. I keep it simple. I listen to The Fish... haha. And I am happy. Really happy.


Dana Blackburn said...

ME TOOOOOO!!!!!!! Pretty much the only thing I listen to these days is my Pandora Warren Barfield station. It's THE BEST!!! And everytime a song from Fireproof comes on I think of you, which makes it even better! Ludju!!

Linda said...

that's what listening to music about Jesus does to people! just makes 'em happy!