Just realized that June 13 - the day I fly home to my new home in Utah and finish my mission - will be the 3 year anniversary of this little blog. It's been fun keeping it. I don't have plans to stop adding stupid pictures and random thoughts or experiences I'm having. It's been therapy for me in a lot of ways. At times it's made me feel really self absorbed which is all sortsa garbage. But my life is good and I want to celebrate it. It's a glamour free existence I live.. which couldn't be more alright by me. Cause I've got sehnsucht. The inconsolable longing in the human heart for what we know not what. A yearning for a far, familiar, non earthly land that I will one day recognize as home.

I love you.


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Christine-Chioma said...

I know what you mean about feeling like blogging is a bit self absorbed. but I love your blog! can't believe you're almost done! ahhh!