Wooooeeeeeeeeeee. That's just how I feel I guess.
Life as the Queen of Canoga Park is brilliant.
The conversation on bike is far better than it's ever been in car..

The other day we were knocking some doors in an apartment complex. Out of nowhere comes this white guy running full speed, swim trunks, cigarette in hand. In the blink of an eye he jumps the fence to the pool. Stops to lovingly lay his cigarette and lighter (retrieved from pocket) on the ground. Bombs the pool free styly like, is out before we know it, grabs the goods, hops the wall and runs off into the haze. Just a thumbnail view of what we see everyday in crazytown, CA.

We've been seeing some miracles as well. On Tuesday an appointment fell through. I should mention that bike is no different than car really, except that when you show up for your appointments and they're not home... you just biked there instead of drove. Anyway - we had some spare time on our hands so.. being about 2 in the afternoon I judgement call some street contacting. Hna Arguello is nervous. She says she's never street contacted before. (WUT??) But we head out to a bus stop. "We should probably say a prayer...," I say. "YOU'RE doing it!" she says. Whatever. Greenies! Can't live with them.. can't live.... nope, it's just can't live with them. So we stand by a street light and I offer and prayer that in this hour we have available to us we will be able to talk to some people who have been prepared to hear the message of the gospel and accept it. I tell the Lord that we are his servants and that in this very moment we are HERE on the corner of Sherman Way and De Soto and we just hope that he's orchestrated this out just right so that we can encounter the ones that he's chosen. Amen. We look up and there's a family walking towards us. Dad, mom, 2 older daughters, baby in a stroller. They stop for a second, someone seems to have dropped something? In I go - we have a golden contact. Teach some of the doctrines. 10 minutes maybe. Make an appointment. Super cool family from Nicaragua. In the bag. Hahha... but really. The hour went on like that. It was superb.

I'm loving life, feeling the burn. Sweating and swearing at times. It's not all downhill from here. But I was made for challenges. And I was made for missionary work. It's honestly probably the thing I've done best in my whole life. And I'm REALLY good at some things.. ha.

Ok pues. Loves. Over n out.

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