i am grateful for Jesus Christ and the knowledge i have of a God who loves and knows me. it is everything. it is the foundation of all my happiness, the root of all goodness. true, good, real joy. it is not outdated or inapplicable. it is not a heartwarming pasttime or old tradition. it is as real, alive and important today as it was thousands of years ago when the words "he is not here, for he is risen" were spoken. i know that. i know it in my heart and my head and my throat. i feel it in my fingers and toes and i see it in the lives of those around me. i see it in the view from my porch around 6:45 everyday when the sun sets. i know it as thickly and intensely as i've ever known anything, ever. and it is everything.

-emmanemma babigurl sister of my heart and blood legend erickson

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