Vladmir's baptism yesterday. Actually just found out his name is spelled Wladimir. Yup. It was great. Last pic there is with my mission president President Martin and his wife.

Wladimir was baptized years ago in an evangelical church by immersion and really felt that he had received the Holy Ghost at that time. So I was interested to see how he would feel about his baptism this time around. He got up afterwards and asked to bear his testimony. As he spoke he got all choked up and started to cry. I think that the Spirit was bearing witness to him that what had just happened was the real deal. He has a great conversion story. The man reads the Book of Mormon like I eat tamales. Give me mooore please.

It's been interesting how the Lord has been putting people in our paths. I know there are people who have been prepared to hear and accept the gospel. It's cool to watch them seemingly fall out of the sky into our laps ready to be taught and baptized. I love this work. I loove my life. I love the Lord.

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