A TRIBUTE TO 7 WOMEN I LOVE: my companions :)

My very first companion was Asenath Busch. My MTC companion. Sena is from Lewiston, Idaho, is THE BIGGEST harry potter fan, and the only other person I've ever met who likes to give cacti as Valentines gifts like me. But Sena was needed in the field earlier than expected, so she left me all alone in the MTC after only 6 weeks. The remaining 3 weeks were spent in a TRIO with my other 2 MTC companions...

Summer White from Dallas, Texas. Shares my love of cake donuts, the best massuese a girl could ask for, and slow dances with me at night after long days.

Kimberly Williams from Portland, Oregon. The girl sings bass. Enough said.

Then to the mission field where I met my mama/trainer Mariana Lisset Rodriguez from Guatemala City, Guatemala. The girl is hardcore. She plays sports with the boys and dominates. She and I are like long lost sisters with different fathers, separated at birth that had to re find eachother through the twists and turns of life that eventually led us to overlap in the mission only 6 weeks. When I look at the work the Lord must have done to get us to meet, I am blown away. She taught me how to be a latina. I love this girl with all the weird parts of my heart. She is my kin.

After I killed my mom (my trainer finished her mission and went home) I met my step-mom,Clarissa Darger Thomas from Saint Louis, Missouri. This girl is 100% missionary. She taught me how to work so hard that I didn't know what day it was, what time it was, the 6 weeks we were together fleeewww by. It was also her last transfer on her mission, but that girl was not one bit trunky. We also had a lot of fun together. We had a puppy, we had a birthday party, we made forts and had slumberparties. We worked hard and played harder.

Next, Allison Clare Morning Skye Beauchamp. Yes that is her real full name. From Denver, Colorado. Hna Beauchamp is cool. Really cool. But not one bit prideful or boastful. She lets you slowly find out how truly interesting of a person she is. For example, I had already been with her 2 months before discovering that in addition to Spanish, she is fluent in Portuguese and ASL. She has great taste in music. She is a gem. A total doll. An angel really.

And finally, my current companion: Dana Renee Blackburn from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a scriptorian if I ever knew one. I've never met a person who understands the scriptures quite as easily as she does. We were at BYU at the same time so we know a few of the same people, which is fun. We have worked hard together and laughed harder. I think she's the companion I've come closest to actually peeing my pants with.. TMI?

So yes, I have had 7 wonderful companions so far on my mission. They are people I would probably never have met had I not chosen to serve (even though Clarissa and I are 3rd cousins!). I owe soooo many things to my mission, to the Lord really. And knowing these wonderful women is one of them. From each one I have learned invaluable lessons. I have grown up. I've grown forward. I have made life long friends. Thanks ladies. You will forever hold a place in my heart and a title in my life that is unique. Different than any family member, any friend, roommate, coworker, or teammate. We have been mission companions. And that's nuts!

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Dana said...

I'm not sure how I ever missed seeing this, but I did a random search on google for something else, and this post came up. Made me a bit teary, not gonna lie. Love you Linds!! xx