I haven't done laundry in 3 weeks.
Merrrry Christmas errbody.

I'm reading Jesus the Christ to celebrate Christmas this year. I'm learning a lot from the Spirit more than just the words on the page. And a lot about myself, in addition to Christ. Christ wrote about sinners. And that's me. So it's nice to hear what Jesus has to say about me. There is hope.

I wish I got to have 2 Christmas's as a missionary. It's so nice. No distractions. Just me and Jesus and the people he wants me to love. No malls. No Santa.

Speaking of Santa...

I was at the Bishop's house for dinner and his 11 year old daughter comes up to me.

"Hermana, I have a question. I asked my dad and he said to ask my mom. So I asked my mom and she told me to ask the missionaries."

At this point I'm thinking... Oh no. Here comes the where-do-babies-come-from-question. Nope.

"Do you think God and Santa are friends?"
"Yes, yes I do."

Have a good holiday everybody. You're good friends and family to me. I love being a missionary with all my little heart. I'm trying to be a good person and do what's right everyday. I'm trying to be like Jesus. I'm growing up a lot. I thought I was already grown up before I went on a mission. Very humbling. Weird and awesome and hard and so rewarding. Love you all. Adios.

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Christine-Chioma said...

awww you make me miss it!

it's my goal to get everyone to read jesus the christ. i swear that jesus himself helped elder talmage write it. did you know he wrote it in the slc temple?