Aye aye aye! I got lit on fire this week by a 9 year old boy during a lesson. We have this activity we do that involves an exercise in faith and lighting a tea bag on fire. Well when I asked the boy if he trusted me and he said "No!" I should have stopped right there. He proceeded to blow a flaming tea bag in my face/hair. It was awful and so hilarious. I almost peed my pants (skirt).

The mission has really eliminated any fears I might have had before. I can do anything! I can talk to anyone! I will probably be afraid of white people after my mission actually.. ha. I never see them. I forget that I am white.

Man, I hate saying "the mission" all the time. I HATED reading missionaries emails before my mission. Mission lingo - it was like a foreign language that I had absolutely no interest in learning. Terms like "zone conference, district meeting, white-washing, killing your mom or being born in the mish." Now I get it! My mind has been opened and I can now relate so much more fully to other missionaries and return missionaries. I used to hate hearing mission stories. Man, I was such a brat. I'm changing my ways.

We have THE COOLEST investigator. His name is Cesar. We met him while leaving the home of of some people we are teaching. Just by chance.. We invited him to church.. and.... he came! And stayed all 3 hours! And felt the Spirit! And then we had 4 lessons with him that week. And yesterday he came to church again and to a baptism later AND to a fireside even later. Wow. I have never had an investigator want to spend so much time at church before. Ha. Every time we meet with him he brings us some sort of offering. First it was the movie "Soul Surfer." Which is kinda funny because I was there when it was being filmed in Hawaii. Then he brought us Vitamin water - like 8 bottles. Then a big bag of tamales. yummm. Then some mexican pastries. What a swell guy.. He has a baptismal date for December 18th.

My friend Elder Rowley and I sang a sort of folky rendition of "Come Thou Fount" at the baptism last night. He played guitar. It was fun. I have really gotten into singing and performing while on my mission. It was something I've neeevvvver done before. But the mission extinguishes all fears, like I said before. I've sung solos in church, at baptisms, and once at a stake musical fireside. I'm not a fantastic singer by any means. But music can bring the Spirit in a very powerful way. So it's always nice to get together with someone talented, a pianist, a flutist, somebody on guitar and come up with something fun to perform. Hopefully it's something I'll retain after the mish. Rowley wants me in his band so... we'll see.

Theres this guy in our ward.. pretty cute. Just graduated from the U and moved back home. Allll the ladies in the ward are in love with him and every one tells me to come back and marry him after my mission. Haha. We'll see. (But really, I'm not into it. Sort of an Apex bro type..)

Welp. I can't think. Brain's fried. I'd sure love a letter or an email or a nice comment if anyone is feeling charitable enough to help this poor soul.

You know you love me.
xoxo gossip girl. .. . .

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Kristie said...

That Cesar sounds like a champ! I'm glad you're loving "the mish" so much. Haha. And I want to hear you sing! Join a band when you get home and tour Utah. :)