Coin Laundry. Where I spend a good hour of my P-day morning writing letters and soaking in the latino beats pumping from the ceiling. I dont think those are the "Forget Me Not's" that Elder Uchtdorf was referring to in his talk at the Relief Society general broadcast.. but I'm into it.

My mama in the mission (my trainer) Hna Mariana Lissett Rodriguez sent me a package from Guatemala. She sent it over a month ago. It sat in the mission office for weeks. Then sat in the zone leaders trunk for a few more. Included in the package was this tshirt, wallet, scripture cases for my spanish scriptures, some jewelry and other fun stuffs. THANKS MOM.

Speaking of my trainer, I used to scare her by using this demon voice because she was genuinely afraid of demons. She once saw her neighbor be possessed and try to strangle her mom... So anyway... the other night a demon tried to possess my companions body in the middle of the night. No really. She woke up in the middle of the night and felt someone on top of her. The Spirit told her to rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus Christ in spanish... so she did. And the weight lifted off and she heard a thud on the ground next to her bed. So last night we had the Elders come over to bless the apartment. Oh the mission!

So, this week marks 9 months as a missionary. It feels like it's been about a month..

I learned all about the mexican mafia this week. How the mexicans and the whites are all on one team in all the jails and the blacks and asians are on another whenever a fight breaks out.

This cute little old senior missionary who works in the employment center told me a joke today. What do you call a blonde with big eyes and intelligence? ... A golden retriever.

Sylmar is a strange city. Where ranchos meet cholos. The city is full of cholo gangs but then you also see these old ranchos on their horses riding down the streets on their cell phones all the time. Such a strange place. I miss nature.

What else? Everywhere we go we are called "La flacita y la gordita." I'm the skinny one and my comp is the fat one. Latinos are so blunt. They just say everything like it is. Ha, so sad.

Conference was great, was it not? Conference is like every missionaries version of a vacation. I loved it. Sad its over but excited to apply everything I learned or relearned. I looove being a missionary. I love the prophet. I loooove my family and friends. Miss you all. Mwah.

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