This is Carmen Cueva. My mom in the mission. She and her daughter Amanda got baptized a few months ago. Her grandson Rivers, the boy on the right was able to get baptized a few weeks ago when he turned 8. Rick, Carmen's husband, has a baptismal date and and we have high hopes for Amanda's husband and sister soon!

I love this family with all my heart. I am only half way through my mission, but finding and teaching this family, and helping them come unto Christ has been SO INSANELY fulfilling. If these were the only people I was able to help join the church in my time as a missionary it would be enough to make me happy for the rest of my life. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than watching the conversion of people I have come to love so dearly.

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David Harrison Smith said...

This is the happiest thing I've ever read on a blog. I sure miss you. Keep loving them Lindsay!!!