I think there's only one place that I'd maaaybe maybe a tiny tiny bit rather be right now than in Sylmar, California on my mission. And that is Laie, Hawaii with my gorgeous fun loving creative talented and wonderful sisters. FREAK. I AM JEALOUS.

I'm feeling sorta homesick today. Familysick.. Cry me a river, I know. I'll get over it.

Had walking pneumonia last week. Yeah. Fun. But I got some antibiotics so I'm on the mend.. We moved. New apartment. Not living with members anymore. It's nice. My apartment feels like one of the belmont or arlington condos up in provo but as soon as you go out the door you feel like youre in mexico. I don't know that I prefer either one..

Best/worst discovery of the week is the grocery store Fresh & Easy. My funds are gonna ssttttruuugggleee this month.

Anyway. I'm just gonna have a pity party this week I think. Wishing I was in a bathingsuit 24/7. Cliff jumping and swimming and playing and hiking and basking and riding around in the back of trucks and living the dream.

On the positive: I still love being a missionary. We are teaching some coool people. Vladmir has read almost half of El Libro de Mormon. Sylvia said she wants to get baptized soon (but still won't commit to a date). Jessica and Mauricio are committed to finding out of the Book of Mormon is true so they will know if baptism is the right path for them (it is btw). And I have 2 baptisms in Palmdale next month! Yayyyyy. Alexis and Ricardo Cueva. Happy day.

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