Haha man what a good week. Just finished reading emails and comments and all that jazz. I laugh so hard. My friends and family are so good to me. Love you allsies.

Some quotes from my favorite investigator, 8 year old Rivers (who is getting baptized on Sunday wooh):

"You look like a teenager..." (After seeing me in shorts and a tshirt)

"I'm not gonna get married til I finish that giant burrito. There's no way I'm sharing with my wife."

"Getting baptized was a bad idea... Theyre testing me."

"I lied once... to save my own life!"

So good.

This week I did some interesting things. I made a stuffed animal. I pulled a little girls loose tooth out. I had a great interview with my mission president who I love with all my little heart. We had some miracles in finding and teaching. We ate waayyyy good food, like always. I fell right asleep during our weekly planning sesh. Just good stuff, serving a mission.

I want everyone to go on a mission. Its the best thing. And if I can do it anyone can do it.

I have changed a lot, for the better. I'm really in tune with the Spirit. Probably my favorite thing. But at the same time it means being really sensitive so things that would normally not bother me. Like language, music, the news, just bad stuff goin on in the world. I cant even hear about it or I feel sick.

Yeah. But life is great as usual. Hard and good. How it should be right?

Love you all. Send me letters. I write good ones back ;)

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