This week we had the baptism of Jim Clemans! My first baptism of someone that I personally found and started teaching. I love him so much! He has been smoking since he was 3 years old. Ferreals. And he quit smoking easier than I've ever seen. Mind blowing.

We had a ward talent show this weekend. It was great fun. My companion and I sang La Bamba with sombreros and big fake mustaches. It was a hit.

So inevitably every companion I've had starts to want to get phyiscal with me after a while. They want to hold me hand and hug all the time and they put their hand on my leg during lessons when they talk about something I said. Wow it is so annoying. Who would have ever thought that I would shy away from physical touch? It's just odd when it's your companion..

Lots of great stuff happened this week. It hasnt been as hot. Life is good. I am a missionary. What else is there to say? All the stuff that happens to all missionaries is happening to me. I'm learning alot and growing and figuring out who I am. I'm teaching my brains out and just spending every second caring about and loving others. What better thing could I be doing with my time? I am the happiest little girl I know. It's great. Love it. Love you. Ttyl.

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