So I don't really miss entertainment much... but every time I'm in someones house and Nickelodeon is on... my eyes are GLUED to the tv. Wheird.

We were walking in the ghetto and saw a barbie orgy. Like 8 naked barbie dolls and a ken or two soaking wet in a bucket. Noice.

The mission has made me like dogs a lot less. They are everywhere. They are not nice. They are loud and annoying.

I made a delicious tres leches cake. Like the one David Harrison Smith made for Claire for her birthday one time. Hey, happy birthday Dave..

I want to go swimming soooooooo bad. It's been a steady 108 degrees this week. Sweat. I just want to be in a bathingsuit all day.

In Palmdale I'm not ever afraid of getting pulled over because I know that the cops here have a lot harsher things to be worrying about than me speeding. This is the gheeetto. I have been escorted out of areas by cops on multiple occasions. Most recently was this weekend. We were teaching in a park. This weird maybe drunk or high guy kept bugging us. The cops finally came over and told us to leave, that he had a gun and we should probably never go back to that park again. Ha, okiee thanks.

I found out what my power animal is. Unicorn. Faith, healing, and mystery. Yup.

We had zone conference. President didn't know who I was. Sweet.

Celebrated Canada day with the 3 Canadians in my district. What.

I had a little miracle where we had lost contact with an investigator for a few weeks. We were walking one day and I just prayed real hard in my heart that we would be able to find him that day. I saw a group of people and felt like I should go ask them if they had seen him. Sure enough he was staying with one of them in an apartment a few blocks away. We were able to go visit him that night. I love being a missionary.

Life is so so good. I am happier than I've been my whole life. It's great. Thanks for the support of all who write me and are praying for me. Pray that I don't get transferred ok? Thx. Kloveyoubye.

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