TJthomander duh.

Yeaaaaaaaah. There's all these Elders breathing down my neck right now haha to get me off the computer. They are reading this as I type. Welll.........

What happened this week? I got a new companion. Her name is Hermana Allison Clare Morning Skye Beauchamp. I know right? She's great. We love all the same music. Ok, some of the same music.

I miss Elder Cardenas.

Jesus wants me for a zombie.

Ok, so I received an amaaaaaazing birthday package in the mail from my good friend Dave Murray. I will post pics next week. He went above and beyond.

We have seen some real miracles this week. I'm starting to get used to hearing people say things like, "Wow! Where were you girls a year ago!?" and "I just kept feeling something tell me: Open the door! Open the door!" So cool. Missionary work is rad.

We have a family we are teaching that is out of this world. The mother was raised in foster care, sexually abused from ages 5-16. Became a heroin addict. Has diabetes and a boat load of other health problems. Her husband who is not really her husband has had a ridiculous life as well. They have 2 kids. One is an alcoholic who's the dad of 2 other kids living with them. The other kid is a 13 year old who overdosed on her moms meds last week and had to go to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. They each have their own lawyer and are waiting to see if Child Services is going to take the kids away from their parents/grandparents. One of the kids rode her bike into a wall last week and split her knee open. I got to play doctor.. bandaging her up and telling her she MUST go get stitches. She didnt... turns out her knee cap is broken and its infected. Nice. This family! Ahh.

Yeah, so we work in the ghettooo. Sometimes in nicer areas. But yeah.

I love my mission. Its not as hard or boring as I thought it would be... ha. I have made some lifelong friends and will continue to do so I'm sure. I am learning a ton about myself and changing a lot.. more than I know I bet. It's cool. I hope someone enjoyed reading this..

Love you all.

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