So I was driving down Palmdale Boulevard listening to this dancey song, can't remember what it's called. It's this cover of a cobra starship song... lost in stereo? maybe. anyway.. I saw this dancing sandwich on the side of the road and I swore it was Paul Martell Moyle. Or maybe Jameson. Those moves. Dayun. It made me miss dirty30 so bad! Hey friends, I haven't forgotten about you! I miss you all. I miss the footloose house and bike rides and the res and double dutch at the library. I miss summer in provo. I miss my bike... I left it on campus at BYU.. blue vintage free spirit with pink handle bars? Anybody seen it? Ha..

Sooo... we got locked out of our apartment yesterday morning. We were supposed to be at Ward Council at 7:30 and at 7:30 we realized we didnt have the keys and had locked the door. After several attempts to break in we finally called someone for a ride. Had to hope the fence of our apartment complex in skirts. Noice. It all worked out in the end. Duh. I'm a missionary :)

Our baptism yesterday was just lovely. Carmen Cueva was baptized, following in the footsteps of her daughter Amanda that we baptized last transfer. So great. I love my mission. I sang "I Know that my Redeemer Lives." I was so nervous and I made a lot of dumb faces (Cardenas would be disappointed..) but everyone said it sounded great. Someone said I sounded like Zooey Deschanel so thats good right? Ha..

I wanna but some Toms to proselyte in..

Oh, so I dyed my hair blonde. Yeah. I don't really know why. Curiosity? Isn't that a Britney Spears perfume? Ew. Anyway... a member did it and she basically dyed my hair orange. Ha. It was awful. So as soon as I left her house I called Sister Baum, another missionary and said I had a hair emergency that she needed to fix asap. So it's all good now. Mas o menos. But yeah. Go big or go home right?

Life is good. I love being a missionary. I probably need to appreciate it more. I drive a nice car, a nice apartment, I get fed delicious hispanic food almost everyday. I spend all day just talking to people about the things I love and making friends which is sort of a full time job but it doesn't feel like one because I love it. Yep. I'm SeRiOuSlY So0o0o0o bLeSsEd!! :) ;) :P :D Lolzords roflcopter... $@#$@46578798!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Cool. Love you all. Byezies.

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