So.. I'm gonna start blogging. Wooh. I feel alive again. Ha.. kidding? No but really. I'll start at the beginning. Of the mission that is. For anyone that is interested.

January 11 - First week in the MTC:

Asians. I want to be friends with them all. They are the most stylish people in the mtc. I love them.
The spirit is SOOO strong. It is really changing the way I think of having the spirit as our CONSTANT companion. I feel the spirit every where I go. Even now as I type this I can feel it warming my soul. Ha. Cheesy.
The first few nights I slept horrrribly. I had terrible dreams that stressed me out and just made me feel bad. but i prayed a lot and i am sleeping so well now and having nice dreams. I dreamt that i kissed bret meisenbach again. that was a nice dream ha.

time is all running together. the days are all one big day. its a trip.
meals - breakfast is the best. i eat a bowl of cracked wheat loaded with almonds and walnuts and raisins. its great. its very hard to be healthy here but i have become a health nazi. i will only drink water. no juice or soda! NO desserts! (theyre usually not that good anyway, the just look good and im sure theyre TERRIBLE for you). no fried food. fruits and/or veggie with every meal. i will not get fat on the missioN!!

gym! its great. we have 45 minutes of gym every day. i like to do circuit training. lifting weights. i love it!!! i am so strong! Emma you will be proud to know that i taught my companion and my hermanas the angels workout. its so hard. we are so sore all the time but it feels great. we love it. thank you.
my companion is hermana asenath busch. look her up on facebook. she's from louiston idaho. she goes to byu-i. she's 21. she is a dream. companions are assigned by god i know it! we are great for eachother. so much to say but no time.
we are in a room with the 2 other hermanas in our district. kimberley williams and summer white. look them up on facebook too. i love them. we love eachother. i have the top bunk. we are right across the hall from the bathroom. i always try to get the shower with 2 shower heads in it and point them both at me. haha.
emma - remember what you said about finals and your eye twitching?? that is my life now. hah. its so busy and crazy and jam packed but so good. i love it here. i am so happy.
there is a class in the morning for sisters if we want to go at 6 to work out. they have yoga and pilates and kickboxing, toning and stretching, step aerobics etc. we went a few times and they play TECHNO HYMNS. thats right. its awesome haha.
i have become addicted to flossing my teeth. also, i think i have cracks in my back molar. hmm... google that for me.
the carpet here is the same as on campus at byu. in fact, many things are the same... so thats weird.
i saw jeff zwick yesterday and i love him and i miss all my friends. mostly claire and david lewis though. i also saw a boy that i went on a date with once... lance stevens. it was the worst date of my life. they both work here..

dont EVER send me food. ever.
we taught in the TRC and it was great to be there. the last time i was there i was with emma as an investigator and that is the day that i decided to go on a mission.
massachusetts is to dunkin donuts and the mtc is to hand sanitizer dispensers. EVERWHERE!!

i love my bed. bye!

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