It's been a super swoll week. We had a baptism on sunday! My first baptism! And my companion and I spoke in church. We destroyed sacrament meeting. We were playing piano and leading the music and it was a total wreck. We didnt know the songs and I don't know how to lead music and I was laughing so hard. Latino wards are hilarious when it comes to the hymns.

I'm trying to upload some pics right now but failing miserably. Don't know why its not workinggg :( If I can even just get one I will be happy. I am about so strangle someone.

Well - missionary news: I got a new companion. My last companion Sister Thomas left today for home! I am a serial killer in the mission. My new companion is named Hermana Beauchamp. She's great.

Well. This always happens to me. I forget everything that happened in the week and never know what to say. There was a significant amount of fort building. Sleepovers. Umm. We taught 30 lessons. The baptism. Speaking in church in spanish whhuuut. Saying goodbye to my 3 best friends in the mission who are all gonna be home hanging out soon and I'm sad about that. Ate a lot of awesome latino food like always. Stuffed my face so as to not offend people. And then wished I could throw it up later. I've switched to soy milk fyi. But I'm addicted to that Horizon organic chocolate milk. I need to switch that to soy too. I made eggplant parm recently. It was delish. We found a good home for our puppy that we have been harboring. I haven't emailed my family in 4 weeks almost. Sorry fam. I took a bunch of fun pics with the holga. Hopefully I'll get those back soon. I have a lunch appointment in 10 minutes that we are gonna be late to oooops. Atleast I can use the gps I got for my birthdayy!! (Thanks dad..)

I think I'm changing a lot more than I think I am on my mission. It's weird. I sort of was determined to stay the same person and not turn into one of those sweet spirit sister missionaries. But resisting change is counterproductive. I want to turn into the best version of me. So don't worry folks - I am the same old Lindsay, but I'm just getting better! Life is good. I swear a lot less than I used to. Ha. And other improvements. Bring it on.

Loveyaaaa. Love Linds.

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