Whenever someone asks me a yes or no question, I almost always respond with either the simplest answer (meaning it gets me out of the conversation fastest, requires fewer follow up questions than the truth, etc.), the opposite of the true answer (just because..), or with whichever answer seems funniest to me. This is lying. I know. It almost never catches up with me but today, it most definitely did.

I grocery shop for my office every monday. I typically buy a TON of bananas, apples, bread, peanut butter, jelly, snacks, etc. I never get through the grocery store without at least 3 people saying to me, "Hey, that's a lot of bananas." I know, people, okay. One time my checker said, "Hey, that's a lot of bananas. You must work at a daycare!" It had never dawned on me that my work is very much like daycare, but when she said those words, it just felt so right. I said, "Yes, I do."

6 months later, I am checking out once again. The checker says to me:
"Hey are you the girl that works at the daycare?"
"Umm.. yes?"
"That's so cool! What is it called again?"
"Uhhh well it's just more like a family thing really.. just from my home, you know.."
"Oh, so where are you located?"
'Ohh well my sister and I just run it out of our house in Provo.."
"Oh like where??"
"Um kinda by the temple?"
"How many kids do you guys have?"
"I guess there's about 15 but we don't have all of them everyday.. (what??)"
"Well that's awesome cause my kids are at this one daycare but I was really hoping to switch them. Do you have a website or any contact info?"
"Uhhh well the thing is we are actually going out of business..."
"Um yeah, you see, I'm moving out of the country soon."
"Oh wow where?"
"Spain. To be a nanny. I know, really cool! Ok thanks gotta go, have a good one!"

The worst thing is that when she asked me for my contact info.. I was THIS close to writing my phone number down on a piece of paper just to make her happy. I just wanted to help her kids go to a good daycare. And if I ever did run a daycare it would probably be the best daycare ever so... why not give her my number right? Ugh.


Camille said...

i love you

Kristie Lynne said...


rebecca said...


[ok, that was sarcastic. but i really did laugh.]

elyssa said...

you know why i miss you, right? i'm so impressed that you were able to keep from confessing. she would've had me at "where are you located" for sure. i know that's probably not something i should congratulate you for, but, lady, kudos.