Last night I was at a party and I was having a really great time dancing with my friends. I took a little time out on the couch though and was rubbing Sebastian's belly. He loves that. And so I got to thinking... I am the best girlfriend. Let me explain. The love I'm willing to give never ends. I give gifts. I'm comfortable being affectionate in public but am definitely secure enough with myself to spend time talking and mingling with others. I am not clingy. I feed my boyfriend all the time. I clean up after him when necessary. I'm not a total brat but I'm also not a pushover. I can be firm and direct with my feelings when the situation requires it. I love spending quality time with him but also trust him enough to spend days at a time with his buddies. I don't need to check up on him constantly. I rearrange my schedule for him. I meet him half way. I am a great cuddler, especially in the morning. I care about his physical well being. I know what he likes and doesn't like. I can even tell when he has to go to the bathroom.

So if I am such a great girlfriend... a) why is my boyfriend A DOG?? and b) why have I been single for 2 years??

That is all I have to say about that.


David said...

When I texted you about the rock. It's cause all I can think about is exactly what this post is about.

Jenna said...

Because guys are dumb.