Do you guys read the Police Beat? It's ridiculous.

Police Beat: Oct. 12, 2010

Suspicious Activity

Oct. 5 A person has been seen in the Widtsoe lab leaving suspicious notes on green tape on the lab counter. The notes have said things like “super nice,” “nice,” and “good job.” The man has entered the lab and left these suspicious notes several nights in a row. Officers suspect he might be the boyfriend of one of the lab workers.

Oct. 5 A suspicious individual was knocking on apartment doors in Wymount Terrace wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. When the officers arrived, Guy had once again eluded the police.

Oct. 7 In Lot 48, A black Toyota was parked against a hill and the windows were fogged up. When the officer approached, the officer discovered a male and female in the car. After running the plates on the car, the officer noticed the owner of the car is banned from UVU’s campus for a sex offense. The officer warned the young woman that her companion was dangerous. The woman assured him that she was fine and the officer left


Oct. 7 The southwest gate on West Campus Drive was damaged when a car drove through it.


Oct. 5 License plates were stolen from a student’s car and were replaced by a different set of plates in Lot 20. The new plates were discovered to be from a stolen car.

Oct. 5 A child was reported missing at Wymount Terrace. However, the child was located before the police arrived.

Oct. 6 $113 was stolen from a student’s Wells Fargo account via identity theft. There was also a $2 charge for a NetFlix account. The student canceled the account and got a new card.


Oct. 5 Two male students were arguing over dating. One was having a difficult time getting dates and was telling the other student about it. The second student joked that he didn’t have a difficult time getting dates and he could date the other student’s mother. The first student took offense and slammed the second student against a wall and brandished a knife. Upon arrival, the police arrested the first student for aggravated assault. However, the second student decided not to press charges, so the first student was released.


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