Today I am grateful for: my mom who scrubbed the black stains out of my carpet, Sarah who makes me laugh non-stop, Emma who says she hates Figaro but can be seen holding her at all times, simple thrills like rope swinging into a lake from high up in a tree and racing to beat a train and hoping the car doesnt break down as we drive over the tracks, my crazy aunt who dances like a loon and sometimes looks like a biker-witch, fakey road trips, not starbucks, deoderant and perfume that disguise the smell of pond scum, when Figaro runs away and comes back and runs away and comes back and scares me everytime, when Claire suggests we start a club (cult) that revolves around worshipping a glass head, really good onion rings, dirty30, gchat, bomb scares which turn out to be enchiladas cooking in the oven, bubblegum icecream, not having to share a bed tonight, college advisement, life advisement.

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