Last night I received a pretty angry email from an ex-boyfriend. I've gotten somewhat used to the insults and profanity over the years but it still ususally upsets me when one of these comes out of the blue. I'd say I probably spent a total of twenty minutes feeling bummed about this particular message. But today I received an email FAR WORSE than any before. I will spend many hours mourning the news that came. I don't know the right way to describe how I'm feeling. Sad, more than anything. And clearly upset. Here's the bulk of the email:

"Hi Phoenix Fan!! We are very sorry to tell you that the Phoenix concert at The Urban Lounge has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. We have been told that they had an opportunity to perform with The Killers and took it. We wish them well in their endeavors."

Cry me a river. I'm just gonna have to be the bigger man here. I support them in their endeavors too. I'm just too devastated right now to talk about this any more. Strong and silent, that's what I'll try to be.

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