Last night I dreamed that I moved into a dorm room with 6 roommates. It was awful. I had chosen a top bunk but when I came home my roommate had moved all my stuff to the bottom and put my cat Figaro in a tiny cage on my bed. I let her out but she got scared and ran out the door. I chased after her but when I caught her I realized it wasn't Figaro at all. Someone had lost my cat and tried to replace it with a different one without me noticing. I was so mad I started ripping on some girl in the room, swearing and yelling. (This happens often in my dreams. I think maybe it's how I vent out frustrations from my real life.) The dream continued to get worse. I refused to live under these conditions so I packed up my stuff and left. I ended up in some city at a party with tons and tons of people and somehow I fell down in the crowd and chipped my teeth. (I am always always always dreaming about my teeth. They fall out, they turn to mush, they break off, they turn black. I think it reflects all the anxiety I have had over the years about my teeth, which is a lot!) Around this time I started to calm down because I suspected it was only a dream and I knew that when I woke up Figaro would still be safe and sound and my teeth would not be chipped. It really felt good yelling at that girl though.. oh dreams.

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rebecca said...

yup. figaro is definately safe and sound. and not on her own accord. that crazy would totally run away if we gave her the chance. she's given me some real scares. anydangway, she's looking forward to your return...and so am i.