I'm very annoyed lately because Paul and his roommates are still deciding if theyre going to let me dj Dirty30. Last nights playlist was phenomenal because one of their friends is a legit dj and was mixing for us live. It was more promotional than anything. But usually Jameson or Paul or one of their friends makes a playlist and they just plug in their ipod. I just don't like how hesitant they are being about letting me do it. Believe me, I wouldn't want to dj if I didnt think I could do a good job. I dont do things that I'm not good at. I don't go out on limbs. I made a sample playlist that I was going to show to Paul as proof that I can do it and it made me laugh last night when the dj played two of the songs that I had put on my playlist. I sit at my computer all day at work reading indie music blogs and downloading music. Whaterr.

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amber said...

tell jamesun to shove his ipod up his trendy little bum. and is he still dancing like a raptor these days? i miss that raptor dance.