What makes me happy?

Waking up to Figaro licking my nose or her whiskers tickling my neck.

Being in a house with lots of sunlight streaming in through the windows like that scene from Matilda where she makes the cards fly around the room.

Talking to babies that laugh and smile at me.

Feeling like I've been able to really help someone.

Eating incredible food.

Listening to amazing music.

Spending time with people I love, no matter what we're doing.

Doing a good job.

Teaching Relief Society.

Meeting someone new and feeling like I've known them forever.

Cooking for people.

Feeling the Spirit.

"I have a word AND a definition, it’s called emfaseng. It’s a German word and we don’t have a word for it in the English language, but it’s a word that stands for that feeling you get when you realize that you’re alive. You know when that happens, that feeling you get when you’re walking, and you have this moment when you realize you’re a living thing? Yeah. Emfaseng."


rebecca said...

love this :) and what a great word!

amber said...

great movie sister erickson.

elyssa said...

i love it.